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young man accepting reward, presumably for best director

2015-07-02 23:21:31

Beautiful Hardback Binding for a Professional Finish

At Clifton Print Services we offer a variety of finishing solutions for your dissertations, thesis, cv and portfolio requirements and are happy to assist you in understanding the different types of binding solutions available so you can make the right decision.

Hardback binding is the preferred form of dissertation and thesis binding with solid boards in black Buckram for that profession finish. We use gold foil block printed text on the front cover and spine as specified by Bristol University.

For that extra professional finish we use a high quality satin paper to complement your beautifully bound dissertation or thesis.

If time is of the essence we offer a 24 hour turnaround subject to availability.

We also offer the following finishes:

2015-07-03 01:46:18

  • Comb and Wire Bound 
  • Fastback (thermal) Binding

For that perfect finish, call us today on 0117 973 3021

2015-07-02 23:21:43


Once again, many thanks for all your help. CPS is definitely doing something right
Ameer Dagha

You guys are the dream team!